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Tripps Plus Las Vegas is offering these great tips for your next vacation. As the year comes to a close, the weather will get colder.

This is your year in 2023 to live life like never before. The time is now. Call Tripps Plus and book your dream vacation to the tropics or somewhere close to home and drive there. We have so many options.

Spoil yourself with a great vacation from Tripps Plus Las Vegas

Sint Maarten is a constituent kingdom of the Netherlands and encompasses the southern 40% of the island of Saint Martin. The northern French part is just known as St. Martin. Yes, similar names could be more precise. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the island is approximately 300 km (190 mi) east of Puerto Rico.

St. Maarten is a trendy Caribbean vacation destination known for its white-sand beaches, clear waters, upscale resorts, and tourist activities. Hurricane Irma did extensive damage to the island in September 2017. Still, the region has made a spectacular recovery, and it’s a great time to visit and support the rebuilding they’ve done.

Cupecoy Beach

If you’re going to a Caribbean island, you’re probably planning on some good beach time, and there’s no better place than Cupecoy Beach. Magnificent limestone cliffs surround the white sand. This place is known for its jaw-dropping sunsets that you must see in person to believe. There’re also bars around the beach if you want some refreshments.

Cupecoy Beach by Tripps Plus Las Vegas

Maho Bay by Tripps Plus Las Vegas

Maho Bay is right next to the Princess Juliana International Airport, with just a fence between the airstrip and the beach. Tourists, especially photographers and those in for a thrill, love to hang out on the beach and wait for the plains to pass just meters overhead. There’s even a sign on the breach with the flight arrival times. There’s no need to stand around and wait either. Grab a drink from a nearby vendor or bar and kick back in a beach chair, or get active on the beach or in the water.

Maho Bay

Boating and Water Sports

There are plenty of ways to get out on St. Maarten’s clear blue waters, including surfing, yachting, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and just about any other water activity you can think of. Numerous companies along the shores are ready to take you out on tour.

Mullet Bay Beach

Another one of St. Maarten’s fantastic beaches is Mullet Bay. It’s known for its soft sand and high waves for surfing.

Mullet Bay Beach

Tripps Plus Las Vegas talks about Front Street

Front Street in St Maarten offers one of the best shopping districts on the island, with vendors selling authentic china and jewelry, electronics, and much more. It’s a culturally vibrant experience, with excellent dining options in the area.

St. Maarten is an experience you will never forget. Enjoy your trip!