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Tripps Plus Las Vegas is introducing its members to St. Maarten, a unique island in the Caribbean.

It is a dual nation representing Dutch and French history, culture, and cuisine. Despite only being 37 square miles, this island packs a wallop regarding the activities’ scope to participate in and places to see.

For those looking to dip their toes into the world of scuba diving but need to be certified, SNUBA (a combination of snorkeling and scuba diving) offers the opportunity. This island is a paradise for those who scuba dive and love to swim among schools of fish. Guides accompany non-certified divers who wish to learn to scuba dive without the regulations.
Rather than wearing a tank on one’s body, they tether it to a raft and the body of your dive buddy.

Caribbean Islands, St Maarten, the Philipsburg harbor

Tripps Plus Las Vegas members, who are history buffs, will love Fort Louis.

The most significant monument on the island was built in 1767 and is named after the French king, who defended Marigot. It overlooks the island from atop a hill, and people can see Anguilla when the weather is crystal clear.

The Butterfly Farm offers 15-20 minute tours of the various butterfly species that can be observed from the egg cycle to caterpillar to full-grown, vibrant colors and all. Parrots, macaws, and other native animals and birds can be kept at the largest Caribbean zoo at the famous St. Maarten Zoological Park by Tripps Plus Las Vegas members and their families.

The highest point of Pic Paradis is located in the center of St. Maarten and is reached by Loterie Farm and shows exceptional views of the island from above, looking down on the lush vegetation and rainforest. Wild monkeys can occasionally be spotted in coconut palms.

Caribbean Islands, St Maarten, the Philipsburg harbor

Learning to sail is one of the popular activities on the island. Experts will hoist the sails and do all the hard work while mentoring Tripps Plus Las Vegas members. A day sail to Prickly Pear Cay while watching flying fish jump out of the water is a thrilling excursion. Once you reach the beach, people are invited to snorkel and eat barbeque fixed for all-day sail participants.

Extreme sports fans will be captivated during their experience at Emilio Wilson Estate, a former plantation from the 18th Century that now houses multiple high-level attractions.

View Of The Main Harbor On Aruba Looking From Boat At The City A

The Flying Dutchman zip line and a speedy tube ride are fun activities here. Pirate Sky is a gondola lift that goes up Sentry Hill until you reach 1 125 feet up, with various platforms overlooking the island. The zip line drops 1,050 feet at speeds of 56 mph. The Schooner Ride involves sitting inside an inner tube down a mountain, through twists and turns, ending at the old house and museum.

One excursion that is unique but popular is the Guavaberry taste test. This liquor combines aged oak rum, cane sugar, and wild guava berries in the middle of St. Maarten. In Phillipsburg, will discover the Guavaberry World Headquarters in an old townhouse that hosts visitors who love this sweet, fruity liquor.

Kite surfer at Palm Beach on Aruba island at sunset

Orient Bay offers a potpourri of fun activities for those Tripps Plus Las Vegas members who prefer to stay busy. Most frequent water sports include jet-skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, cruising on banana boats, and wind sailing. This is the most bustling beach on the island.

St. Maarten is filled with activities and excursions that are fun and exciting for the whole family to enjoy. This is one place on the Caribbean wish list that is a must-see for Tripps Plus Las Vegas members.

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