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Tripps Plus Las Vegas knows that when going for a day hike, there are some things to bring and understand before you go:

Things to bring

Waterproof hiking boots, bottled water, or Camelback, a water-filled backpack of water (about 2 liters for an 8-10 mile hike, more in hot weather), food, and snacks for the day (preferably not prone to squishing beyond recognition).

Tripps Plus Provides Great Hiking Tips (3)

Tripps Plus Offers this Handy Hiking Tip

First aid kit, compass, trail map, and cell phone (chances are your phone won’t have a signal or reception the whole time but bring it anyway), Waterproof matches, and flashlight (even though it’s a day hike get these are just in case you are stuck somewhere).

What to know: Tripps Plus Las Vegas recommends that you know about the trail (the type of terrain, grade, etc.), local wildlife (what kinds of creatures like a snake and such that might be lurking, and what to do if bitten by a snake, etc.).

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Local plant life (what poisonous plants may you come in contact with, learn what they look like, and share that with fellow hikers), let someone else know (tell someone where you are going, with who, and when you might be back so “just in case” someone will realize you are missing) if the trail is at a state park, check-in with the local ranger.

Grand Canyon Tripps Plus Las Vegas

Tripps Plus Las Vegas knows that these are simple things, but following through with them will help make your trip more enjoyable and safe. Hiking can be a fun and great exercise and a beautiful way to see the outdoors. Yet every year, more and more hikers need to be rescued or end up worse. Be careful, always try to go with a friend, and ensure you don’t go during an intense heatwave.

Standing too close to the edge of a cliff for the ultimate selfie can also prove hazardous. So keep all these little tips from the Tripps Plus Las Vegas in mind when taking your next hike. Better be safe than sorry, as they say. Your life may depend on it. So take the precautions and have some great fun.

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