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Tripps Plus, a leading provider of fantastic travel accommodations and amenities, invites travelers to experience a summer vacation away from the city. A suburb of Miami, Hialeah is just north of the town and inland from the ocean. Hialeah is north of the Miami International Airport, making it a first-stop destination for any visit to southern Florida.

Tripps Plus Offers Great Options for Travel

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Several transportation options are available to get to Hialeah, helping the city coin the phrase, “All ways lead to Hialeah.” Whether driving, flying or using the many public transportation services in and around Miami, you will find Hialeah accessible to anyone. At the heart of culture in Southern Florida, Hialeah is itself a diverse and cultured city.

Offering residents and visitors a blend of Cuban and American culture, Tripps Plus knows Hialeah will be a destination like no other. The city boasts an impressive 70% population of foreign-born immigrants, mainly from Cuba. The weather is always gorgeous in Hialeah. Average temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees, and shorts and sandals are the prime dress attire. Plan a trip to relax and enjoy the one-of-a-kind culture only found in Hialeah.

Tripps Plus on Shopping Hialeah

The fast-growing and diverse Westland Mall has more than 90 shops to offer guests everything from Macy’s and Sears to numerous smaller shops and boutiques. Dining options at the mall include Fuddruckers, Chili’s, and an assortment of quick-service options.


There are many parks throughout Hialeah where you can enjoy the fantastic South Florida weather. Milander Park is a favorite for most and the home to several city festivals. An Independence Day celebration in Milander Park annually attracts residents and visitors alike to enjoy the 4th of July festivities. The Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment is located here as well. Another great park to visit is Goodlet Park at 4200 West 8th Avenue. Goodlet is also the host of several festivals and events throughout the year.

Everglades Wildlife Management Area

Tripps Plus shares that a short drive to the west will find you in the Everglades Wildlife Management Area, where you will be amazed by the variety of wildlife that can only be found in Florida.

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