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Tripps Plus Las Vegas Features Best Destinations to Visit In Puerto Vallarta features some of Vallarta’s best attractions, helping vacation planners plan out their Mexican vacation getaway.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas strongly suggests that members come on holiday to Puerto Vallarta for a great vacation experience.
From the pristine beaches to the exciting day and nightlife surrounding the bustling restaurants and stores, Tripps + is sure that members will enjoy their vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

A definite must-visit spot in Puerto Vallarta is by far the Malecon. The boardwalk area is a beautiful seaside walk with many souvenirs and many little street food vendors offering great quick eats for the locals and tourists.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico presented by Tripps Plus Las Vegas

Tour the Malecon

While walking the Malecon, vacationers can take in the beauty of Vallarta and all its glory. This is a must-see in Vallarta; the Malecon is like a nightly ritual, suggesting Tripps Plus Las Vegas.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico presented by Tripps Plus Las Vegas


Los Arcos

The famous Los Arcos is the most iconic landmark in Puerto Vallarta from the boardwalk. Tripps Plus Las Vegas recommends that you visit this impressive sight. Many Mexican artists frequent the area to show off their artistic abilities in the forms of painting, sand sculpting, dancing, and musical performances.

Rocky formations on a sunset background Tripps Plus Las Vegas

Viejo Vallarta

Another destination in PV is Viejo Vallarta, or as they say Old Vallarta. Tripps + suggests this where you can truly take in some authentic Mexican culture of how things were way back. This is a very historic area and so close e to the Malecon and other places. The great thing about Vallarta is that there are so many things within a few short blocks.

Playa Los Muertos

Playa Los Muertos is Puerto Vallarta’s most famous beach and a destination that Tripps Plus Las Vegas urges travelers not to miss out on.

Playa Los Muertos is the ideal spot to relax with over a mile of beautiful, idyllic beach line. The beach is within walking distance from the previously mentioned Malecon, so travelers can easily hop back and forth between shopping and relaxing under the sun.

Visit In Puerto Vallarta


With Tripps Plus you get the best of all things travel. Our staff will stop at nothing to ensure your vacation is the best of times. Holidays are essential to our health and well-being. We need to travel more than ever. We understand life can be short, and good times are far few. We need more good times to relieve stress and recoup our bodies and mindset.

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